2018/2019 nomad
Mike Estes Pro Model
Price: $449.00

Note: Early Release, limited-time run. Preorders are expected to be delivered in September/October 2019.
All proceeds Mike donates to B4BC we'll match 100%.

International customers are responsible for tariff payments.
We want to thank Devin St. Clair for the amazing artwork he donated for the board.


Full tip to tail wood core of paulownia and poplar with pre-cured carbon strips between the laminates of wood. Horizontal 45-degree grain wood stringers at the binding area to add dampening and torsional flex. Carbon V-Pop stringers at the tip and tail for a little extra snap. Includes propads at the feet that relieves stress from the board.

Additional Information

Edhesion Technology: Extra edge contact points that give your board more edge control and stability, especially in icy conditions. It works like serrated edge of a knife. It also fixes the "squirrely" feel that reverse camber boards can have.

Polywalls: Unique 3D fiberglass structure built around our polyurethane sidewalls. Designed to increase overall board strength, prevent topsheet chipping, and reduce weight.

• Lightweight Triax Fiberglass

• Ptex 4000 Electra Base

• No V.O.C Epoxy

• Epoxy Formulated with Rubber

• Matte Finish

Hybrid Camber

hybrid camber profile



Effective Edge: 111.0mm
Stance Width: 5.2mm
Waist Width: 2.43mm
Sidecut Radius: 7.0mm


Effective Edge: 116.4mm
Stance Width: 5.6mm
Waist Width: 25.8mm
Sidecut Radius: 7.60mm


Effective Edge: 122.0mm
Stance Width: 5.6mm
Waist Width: 26.5cm
Sidecut Radius: 7.8mm

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